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Exploring Easter Joy: A Community Adventure in Old Hutton Village

A delightful Easter adventure unfolded this past weekend… The Old Hutton Easter Hunt. Families from the local community gathered at the Old Hutton Public Hall, buzzing with excitement and anticipation for what promised to be a fun-filled morning.

Greeted by the Easter Bunny, the children eagerly lined up to receive their name tags, trail sheets, and pencils. There was lots of laughter and chatter as youngsters prepared to embark on a journey of discovery – find the 12 eggs!

Armed with maps and heaps of enthusiasm, the children set off, on the hunt. Their mission…to seek out hidden egg pictures throughout Old Hutton. Each egg had an image on it that the children then copied and drew on trail sheets.

At the 12th egg, a sweet surprise awaited, providing a burst of energy to fuel their journey back to the hall. With smiles as bright as the spring sunshine, (thank goodness there was sunshine) they eagerly exchanged their completed trail sheets for a chocolate Easter bunny, a well-deserved reward for their efforts.

Back at the hall, the festivities continued as children immersed themselves in Easter-themed activity colouring sheets, while indulging in biscuits and chocolate treats. Meanwhile, the adults enjoyed a moment of respite, with complementary tea and coffee and biscuits.

With 32 children partaking in the trail, the event was deemed a resounding success, a testament to the sense of community and joy that thrives in Old Hutton.

A successful Easter hunt was enjoyed by all and we will definitely be creating a new trail for 2025! Until then, memories of laughter, adventure, and sweet delights will continue to resonate, a cherished reminder of the magic that unfolds when a community comes together in celebration. Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2024 Easter Hunt!


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